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>> next at eight. the deadly home invasion in pittsburg. that police say, was a targeted attack. and sheriff's deputies make a bizarre find in the east bay. an alligator guarding a stash of marijuana. i'm pam moore. we'll see you at eight.
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(male announcer) this is bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> his owner calls him mr. teeth. alameda county sheriff's deputies say this five foot alligator was guarding a marijuana stash at the home of a suspected drug dealer. in pittsburg, an apparent burglary attempt ends with the death of an intruder. now the homeowner's wife is under arrest. police say she arranged the the reason: infidelity and a >> romance she had with with another individual.
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>> pam: and baseball's hall of fame slams the door on three star players kron four's gary radnich gives us his take on the rejection of barry bonds, sammy sosa and roger clements. >> tonight at eight. a deadly home invasion. that police say has more to the story than meets the eye. four people are in custody. in connection to the stabbing death of a man, who they apparently hired to intimidate another man. to move out of his pittsburg apartment. the alledged ring leader is this woman. who police say, hired the phony burglar who was killed by her estranged husband. kron-4's aleica reid sorts out the bizzare details. >> she gave bauer suspect keys to the residence that is ultimately how they gained access to the resident.
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>> they learn about the infidelity after they supported when there were moving out. it was not fast enough. along with her boyfriend, matthew, the brother, charles and two others that died during this home invasion concocted a scheme to get him to move out. >> there was some confusion on weather or not to storm to move out, or reconsideration. this angered the wife. where she hired the current boyfriend. >> reporter: the point was that the plan went awry. he went for his gun but he was already inside. they got into a scuffle and both men were in a scuffle. they are all participated in a felony that resulted in death. >> is directing.
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>> they have two children, five years old, eight years old, they are with their debt and not home during the home invasion. in pittsburgh, alecia reed, kron 4. >> pam: developing news tonight. about the search for michaela garecht. the young girl who was kidnapped in hayward more than 20-years ago. the hayward police department is saying tonight. that a bone fragment found in an abandoned well in central california. is not hers. the news comes. as f-b-i investigators continue to dig up another site. for remains of possible victims of the so-called "speed freak killers." kron-4's j-r stone just spoke to michaela garecht's mother. he joins us live tonight with her reaction to the j-r? >> reporter: she told me that the police department called and had information that she had to come down to the station. she did not know if they had found remains or not found. they soon found that they have
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not. >> it has not been that long since i have heard so i'm still sorting it out. i cam tell you i am pretty exhausted. i find myself some feelings of a sense of relief that it is not her. that may be, there is still hope. deep down inside one i was sitting there and they told me that this sensation that i felt was honestly one of relief. there is a part of the pact probably test does not want to know. >> reporter: certainly a roller coaster for this parent. you can see that they thought that her bones were found and perhaps in another area but that did not happened. but officials
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out there and f.b.i. agents are searching. this is state no. 3 that could be two- three weeks link to t day the speed freak dollars. there could be more. as of now, they have not found anyone. it is going to be a likely process looking at that well. again the news is that the remains, the bone fragment in the other well site is not linked to that young child. reporting live, kron 4 >> pam: alameda county sheriff's investigators got quite a shock. after finding a five- foot long alligator inside a castro valley home. the gator was protecting several pounds of marijuana. kron 4s reggie kumar tells us what led authorities to this location. the alligator's name is mr teeth. alameda county sheriff's office made the bizarre discovery during an unannounced probation check at this home on mount jasper drive. the animal is five feet long and weighs more than 3o pounds. it was housed inside a large plexiglass container, guarding 34 pounds of dried
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marijuana right next to it.sargeant j-d nelson says the owner 32 year old assif mayar got the reptile in 1996. we ask him why he has an alligator and he says that he got it to commemorate the death of tupack shakur.. >> at first i did not know what it was and i thought that it was fate. once i noticed that the was making movement you cannot tell from its container whether or not it can get out or not. i do not believe that it can but when your sitting next there, you do not want to take that chance. >> reporter: neighbors did not want to show their face on camera but one saw him
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taking the allocator out of the house. the oakland zoo is now caring for the animal. kron 4 has learned it is pretty sick and is being treated by zoo personell. the owner faces drug charges, as well as owning an exotic animal without a permit. in castro valley reggie kumar kron 4 news. >> pam: new tonight at eight bart police discover a man's home in richmond. filled with stolen bikes from all over the bay area. kron 4's scott rates shows us the coincidence that lead police to the alleged thief's doorstep. >> reporter: 10 bikes, 57 bicycle tires, 24 wheels, 26 wheels with tires, 21 bike seats, 4 frames, a gun, and some ammo, that's what bart police say they discovered in the richmond home of 57- year-old marque moore these are pictures taken by bart police just after arresting moore. investigators saying it was this craigslist ad moore posted that lead them to his front door.
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according to investigators one of the victims, saw the craigslist ad and quickly realized that the idem for sale -- was his bike a bike that just so happened to be stolen from his home in san francisco three months ago. the victim told moore he wanted to buy the bike, and they agreed to meet at the ashby bart station in berkley but what moore didn't know is that the victim had alerted bart police, and they would be waiting there for him during a phone call today the victim tells me he did get his bike back, and that he is very grateful that the bart police were able to make an arrest now investigators are hoping other victims will step forward. and bart police are asking anyone who thinks that one of those bikes may belong to give them a call, will have to show proof of ownership, and receipt of police report.
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as for moore, he is being held in the glen dyer jail, facing several charges. scott rates, kron 4. >> pam: tonight. we're learning new details about that oil tanker which side- swiped the bay bridge on monday. here's video from sky- 7 showing the scene. visibility was reportedly very low - before the accident. and there are regulations on the bay. which would prevent a vessel from traveling during heavy fog. but as kron four news has learned. the bay bridge is exempt from those regulations. kron four's terisa estacio looked into this today she joins us live from treasure island with more on what she found out. terisa? >> at the time of the incident monday morning officials say visibility at the bay bridge was down to a quarter mile. currently, if this ship was near several areas in the bay referred to as critical
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maneuvering areas. it would not have been allowed to proceed. and leave it's dock to head out to sea. harbor rules prevent vessels from taking off if visibility is less than a half of a mile. take a look at this list. it shows several of the critical manever areas. or cma's in the sf bay. the richmond bridge, the san mateo brdige, the oakland harbor and richmond harbor are on the list. but not the bay bridge. why not - officials say when the rules were put into place following the cosco busan tanker accident. it was debated and then decided it would be safer to allow passage around the bay bridge because blocking could end up causing a traffic jam of sorts and could lead to other serious consequences like vessels hitting one another. john berge was part of the
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negotiations to create the cmas. he says in light of this new accident, it is probably time to go back and review putting the bay bridge on the list. >> i think that it is a fundamental issue to how to deal with pestles but it is now a time to revisit the issue dealing with -- both vessels. i do not know if the critical issue is that what happened but also prevention. in addition berge says - what is vital to the case right now is that although there wasn't an accident, there could have been one. the coast guard has also agreed and at the attorney linking speculation to the pilot would be highly premature. treasure island, terisa estacio, kron 4. >> jacqueline: we are looking at the system price to the and san jose and
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morgan hill, gilroy. showers but what we're going to see are two different things with cold conditions and spotty showers mainly over the coastal waters. we are looking at snowfall over lake tahoe and our storm has pressed through. they spot a patter based body pattern. and that will continue as we go towards tomorrow with a spotty pattern. near the coast, some clearing skies and very cold temperatures we will maintain that chance along the coast but it is going to be quite chilly. wait until the see how cold it is going to get to. details on that, coming up. home-run king and giants legend barry bonds. and other big name baseball stars. fail to secure enough baseball hall of fame.
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>> there was nobody elect to cooperstown. >> bonds fell well short of the 75- percent of votes needed for induction. grant lodes is here now. with details and reaction. >> i cannot say that this was a huge surprise. bonds, roger clemens, and sammy sosa. all three have been tainted by performance enhancing drugs. and all three players did
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not even come close to making the hall of fame. in fact.nobody was elected for just the second time in four decades. here's how the numbers break down. players need at least 75 percent of the vote to be elected into the hall. bonds got 36.2% of the vote. clemens about the same. and only 12 and a half percent of baseball writers voted for sosa. sosa tested positive in a 2003 annonymous survey. clemens was aquitted of perjury charges related to performance enhancing drugs, but a his former trainer and a former
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teammate have testified clemens was cheating. and bonds has a felony obstruction of justice conviction to his name related to steroids. bonds says he never *knowingly used perfornamce enhancing drugs. local sports writer art spander has a vote.and says he *can look past the steroid issue when deciding who belongs in the hall of the players' names will appear on the ballot for 14- >> in national news. seven workers are hurt. after a crane collapsed at a construction site in new york city. witnesses say, the 380- foot crane. folded in on itself like an accordian. then snapped and fell onto a construction site in queens. at least three workers
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suffered serious injuries. the company which owns the crane, also owned the one that collapsed in manhattan in 2008. killing two workers. also in new york. the national transportation safety board is investigating a ferry crash that left dozens of people hurt today. the high -speed catamaran slammed into a pier while docking in lower manhattan as it arrived from new jersey this morning. 11-passengers suffered serious injuries. there were 330- passengers and crew on board at the time. they described the impact as a sudden jolt. police say, the crew passed the alcohol breath tests given after the crash coast guard records indicate. the same vessel has been involved in prior crashes. >> jacqueline: we have seen some light rain and for the most part it has a tapered off. some light showers but the big thing we are going to see is the cold. temperatures are going to drop significantly. temperatures in the 30's. struggling to get into the 50s and even colder as we get towards friday and saturday. temperatures in the 20's and 30's. as we
8:20 pm
take a look at the stormtracker 4 the rainfall down to the south. spotty showers you're the coast. this pattern will continue overnight. it is that cold front. spotty cloud patterns that will drop from the high from the alaska area. as we go towards tomorrow it could mean snow in the santa cruz mountains. the rain fall down to the salt with clear skies for the early hours. keeping your eye off shore is when most of the rain activity will remain. also along the san mateo coast if they get over the santa cruz mountains above 10,000 ft. we could see snow flurries. the futurecast keeping it largely offshore. into the afternoon mostly clear skies but temperatures are going to be dropping. as we
8:21 pm
take a look at tomorrow widespread 30's. the pink are indicating temperatures in the 30's. temperatures in the 40's. struggling to get out of the 40's with 50s. and for the evening quickly dropping back down into the 30's in quite a few places. here is what it looks like by the numbers freezing in napa. 34 in concord. 30's in oakland, redwood city. and is struggling to get into the 50s. mostly we will see temperatures in the 40's. there is a winter weather advisory into the affect with that teal. one-half feet at the lower elevations. let us take a look it your extende here to stay. already freeze and
8:22 pm
warnings with tent down right frigid. temperatures will stay cold but will warm up a bit going towards next week. >> flexible video screens gabe slate tech report coming up... >> coming up later in this broadcast barry bonds and the baseball hall of fame. and we will hear from arguably one of the best coaches
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q x
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>> former president bill clinton highlights the second day of the consumer electronics show in las vegas. samsung brought mr. clinton on stage to talk about technology and its potential to help address social problems around the world. the company then showed off a remarkable flexible video display. that can be folded or rolled up. kron 4's tech reporter gabe slate. shows us how it works >> this will change everything. whiff bendable ..with bendable screens. these are lightweight, flexible, and even could be even into magazines, and put things into even fabric. because these are valuable,
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this will change the shape of design and malleable... and expect to see these in the future also be payable smart watch touted as for the first watch of the 21st century. it displays information from your phone. your watch will vibrate when you have a new message. this week, your phone can stay in your pocket. it will display caller id. you can see text messages. even twitter of birds. and customize this for the type of alerts that you want. control of your music. it will last seven days on one charge. pre- order. at $150. tune into
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our forecast and i will fill you in on the hot new products. gabe slate tech report
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>> ahead at 8-30. the major reward being offered for the safe return of a rare gold-rush era artifact stolen from the oakland museum.
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>> now for a look at our top stories at eight-thirty. four people are under arrest in connection to a deadly home invasion in pittsburg. police say a man's estranged wife hired someone to break into the appartment the shared. in an attempt to scare the man into moving out. the man fatally stabbed in the intruder to death yesterday morning. he was not arrested because police say he acted in self defense. hayward police say a bone fragment found in a central california well is *not that of michaela gerecht. who was abducted in 19-88. the fragment ended up being that of another apparent murder victim. the revelation comes as f-b- i investigators continue to dig up an abandoned well in
8:33 pm
linden searching for potential victims of the "speed freak" killers. >> and the lawyer for the pilot of the oil tanker that swipped the bay bridge earlier this week says speculation about "pilot error" being the cause is "highly premature." he says investigators aer still gathering facts. and that there are many potential causes. monday's crash caused an estimated two-to-3 million dollars in damage to the showers falling around the temperatures! here's jacqueline bennet with a check of the forecast. >> the reason why is that this cold air will maintain thechance of showers. mainly, near the coastal areas. the satellite showing that it is pressing through with clear skies. we will maintain the chance with offshore and still not maintaining much of a threat. we can see that this
8:34 pm
will be confined to the coast with clearing skies and cold temperatures. for the morning and afternoon. we will talk more about the cold, coming up. >> new tonight at 8. >> pam: a woman is violently attacked in san francisco's mission district.and the victim is using social media to warn the community. kron 4's philippe djegal is live in san francisco with more on what police are >> the victim is describing this as she was returning home from a dinner party late saturday night. she noticed a suspicious man
8:35 pm
walking towards her. she'd noticed there was not a side street so she could not avoid the man. so she did not want to turn around because her back would be towards the man. this is and her own words >> she sent this e-mail out saying that " the suspect launched at the. he knew what he was doing and how to attack me. he won first former i saw it with his thumb and put his other hand and my mouth..... eventually, she was able to pry the man's hand away from her mouth and she struggled while trying to avoid finally, some neighbors were
8:36 pm
involved and who was described as asian, with 160 lbs.. between 20 and 30 years old and has a small beard. last seen wearing dark pants and acquitted sweatshirt. you are asked to call police and in the meantime she is okay she walked away from this incident with bruises on her body. they are looking for the suspect however he has still not been able to be found. there is going to be a riorally-it will take place at the mission bart station on a mission/16. herbalife, phillipe djegal, kron 4 news. >> pam: the oakland museum is offering a 12-thousand dollare reward for the safe return of a gold-rush era
8:37 pm
jewel box. that was taken during a heist monday. the break-in is the second in as many months. kron-4's haaziq madyun shows us how the thief. pulled it off. >> reporter: he strikes againin the predawn hoursmonday morning inside the oakland museuma thief steals a priceless artifacta quartz and gold jewelery box from the gold rush collection >> "we do think that they came in through this perimeter side yes" >> reporter: right here in the garden areathis is where museum officials say the theif gainned accessbreaking-in through a secured door near the gold ruch exhibittaking the jewel box which was covered by glass case like this one then turned around and got out the same way he came inhowever not before surveillance video recorded the crime >> "there was on camera immediate notification that the burglary was in progress" >> reporter: back in november 2012 a thief made off with several gold nuggets from the same exhibitoakland police talk about why they believe the same person is resposnible
8:38 pm
for this most recent crime >> "the method of operation, the fact that it was a single suspect, the descriptions are generically the same, the method of how they entered and removed certain items" >> reporter: all though the museum has 24-hour securityincluding gated entrances to the buildinggetting onto the property itself appears fairly easy >> "we have a lot of outdoor space and most of our gallery space is also utilizing outdoor is a challenge to secure this spacethan most facilities" [ female announcer ] now get high speed internet at home on our newly expanded advanced digital network, a connection you can count on. at&t u-verse high speed internet offers more speed options, reliability and wi-fi hotspots than ever. call at&t now to get u-verse high speed internet for as little as $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. it's the fastest internet for the price. our newly expanded advanced digital network
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now for today's market update. stocks close the day higher. thanks to encouraging quarterly earnings reports from several well-known companies. on wall street. the dow gained 61-points. the nasdaq rose 14. and the s-and-p-500 ganed three. >> vandalism and trespassing charges have been dropped against the defendants tied to the occupy santa cruz a takeover of a vacant bank building. a judge said that the trio made a spontaneous decision to enter the building. 11 people were
8:42 pm
initially charged with the occupation of the building which lasted about three days in november 2011. a federal judge has signed off also on a $1 million settlement of a lawsuit filed by " occupied " protesters who were pepper sprayed at uc-davis. the school has agreed to pay $30,000 to each of the 21 plaintiffs. along with $100,000 to be split among 15 other individuals and to order tickets thousand dollars for their attorneys. the incident was in november 2011. the police officers parade of nonviolent protesters. prompting national outrage and calls for the chancellor's resignation. >> barry bonds, next with gary radnich
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(male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. >> it's called the broken glass theory, if you don't maintain a n urban evniorment in well ordered condition it will only get worse like here at the corner of bernhardt and foster in oakland where illegal dumping has been the norm for years >> they dump here they dump there when they going to solve this problem, well we are going to try to get it solved as soon as possible
8:45 pm
i know the residents of oakland are sick and tired of being dumped on i hear it all the time for the last 7 years >> com'n now look at this, this is ridiculous this is a dump sight instead of them taking it where they need to take it you got people whoe actually doing work on homes you got cement this is ridiculous but this is how we are living >> yes this is bad this appears to be someones dash board . the rear seat and the back seat in order for this to stop residents of any city that is have people dumping anything in this case it's a dead dog you need to take control, for years i have been posting phone numbers to public works but the problem still remains the city of oakland is aware of this problem and send crews almost everyday but a dumped boat is not a public worked issue it's a police issue and so are dead animals, i meet people all the time who say they don't want to get invloved
8:46 pm
well this is what could happen if you don't get involved you neighborhood will be takin over and dumped on regularly find out who your council members are and flood their email, illegal dumping is behaving badly but so is ignoring the problem and waiting for it to fix it's self look for the link i placed on kron4 dot com click the people behaving badly link if you see something report it in oakland stanley roberts kron 4 news if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, e- mail us at 'people behaving badly' at kron- four-dot- com. >> jacqueline: of the spotty showers have come to an end this evening. a lingering chance of showers you're the coast. the big story will be temperatures in the 30's. 20's for friday and saturday. first let us talk about the rain fall. we are going to do with the spotty showers and some of these will get close to the coast.
8:47 pm
rainfall for early the snowfall for the sierras as this continues to press through. towards the central valley. and with the exception of the spotty showers offshore. we are going to see some fog out the door this morning. and this will maintain its presence along the coast. the futurecast showing that it is near the south and clear skies. most of this rainfall will fall in near the santa cruz mountains as the snow levels will drop at 2,000 ft.. for tomorrow, we are going to see drier conditions and clear skies. temperatures, freezing. santa rosa, napa and livermore. 34 and of vallejo, upper 30's for the south bay. and for the
8:48 pm
afternoon temperatures are struggling. mainly, upper 40's but briefly a few low 50s. this cold will stay with us on friday. already a freeze morning with the light blue the north bay, the delta of the and the dallainland valleys with sub- freezing temperatures. with frosty windshields you might want to bring your family pets in sight. take a look at the satellite & radar with one half feet at the lower elevations. a bit more at higher elevations. mainly, dry conditions for the sierras. a look at your extended forecast with the big store will be the cold. cold temperatures tomorrow with the big story. freezing temperatures some of the coldest for the season.
8:49 pm
slightly warmer for release next week. and there's no new snowfall to talked-about but it is ongoing as we speak. and sierra at tahoe. if you'd like to check out current conditions >> good evening, everybody. how many new members of cooperstown? >> it is my pleasure to announce the results. the voting membership did not elect a new it to cooperstown. with votes on 60%. >> barry bonds is a story around here. and the all- time home run king. but people are still holding grudges and think that
8:50 pm
suspicion of steroid use should keep him out. and a longtime sports writer. hall of fame announcement this was not a banner day ffor baseball.the hall of fame drew a zero hall and of course, barry bonds and clemens are linked together. here is from the giants fans in particular how can they keep it. peons out? he was in the how can they -- keep barry bonds out? and here is how it works. they think that he is a hero but some people say that we all vote on the hall of fame. in terms of conduct on the field, off the field. he never made any friends oof the media. and berries
8:51 pm
took off to new heights and it is not right in the eyes of many. just look at the vote totals. and if indeed he will ever get the majority in his favor. 36 percent say that there he has a some fans and fence to mends.... also, if justin smith is going to play? >> he has told me that he is ready and that is good enough for me. >> do i know that he is going to play? god willing and the creek don't rise >> if he is not playing up to is a standard and will put the next guy and.
8:52 pm
still, there could be some rare ready to displace it two different kicker's but everybody is waiting. and the warriors are going up against a really good team. the memphis gridloc grizzlies. d memphis is up by nine. and reportedly, they're going to take five of rebellion that dollars to sell the team to a group of investors that will move it to seattle. that is the word today the sacramento kings could be out as nex next season. and this legend has retired they're going to make a movie of his life. ladoucer.. nobody in the history of college or football has ever had can
8:53 pm
hold a candle. we spoke with him, earlier. ladouceur.. asked why he would not there is a need to move on to college coaching. >> i love the age group that i work with and they're listening. there will move when you ask them to move and change things when you ask them to change. there is still tennyson's in them. >> you were never motivated by money? with a new experience? >> i would rather be happy and comfortable. and where i would be most effective light of the high school would be the most effective. >> what program due to do that was the greatest all- time. >> first of all we really do work all year and work really hard and i work and a
8:54 pm
great place. it is confus conducive to racing teams. >> this actor is going to play you. and he played jesus. are they going to change the script? >> you know, i really do not have seen him act. but i did watch " person of interest ". and i watched him a little bit he is a pretty somber got guy they are writing the script right now. and the when he has coached right now in the event will just take part. we sat in front of the bart station for 30 minutes. and it makes you wonder. he dedicated his entire life to coaching kids. he never went for
8:55 pm
money or had to wait a pompon. and not to be self- deprecating. >> pam: a little bit different than any others. >> correct. and here, i am trying to make him laugh. and it just makes you feel small. with no coach, no player has enjoyed the record that he has. or the respect. we will come back in a moment..
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chemical had i am not going to get into trouble. >> take a look this reporter sheet is okay. >> a dangerous business. >> good night she dashes opec ?v
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